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I believe there is an untouchable, pure, whole essence within each of us that can shine brightly no matter what we’ve experienced in our lives. Once our history stops driving our decisions, we’re open to develop new patterns to live by. And when we let go of old beliefs and old emotions, possibilities burst wide open.

Amplifying our peaceful power shapes the human experience. Aligning a clear head with an untroubled heart brings us inner peace and the freedom to move forward as individuals and in community.

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Women living from a position of choice
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Our journey together will focus on life areas that impact how you approach each day to open the door for you to create the sustainable change you want for yourself.

Using practices grounded in compassionate honesty, I help you to rise, thrive, and lead by uncovering and releasing hidden influences, shifting behavior through new perspectives, and amplifying the peaceful power within.




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Get back into a position of choice in your life with a two-hour perspective coaching and EFT tapping session focused on a current issue you’re experiencing. 

Transform core issues and longstanding challenges to create new patterns of behavior with an initial two-hour perspective coaching and EFT tapping session, followed by four one-hour sessions.

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I'm ready


I have extensive experience speaking and leading workshops on inner life leadership in diverse settings. To get started on a custom program for your group or organization, set up a time to talk.

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about me

Not only am I an inner life mentor and perspective coach, but I’m also a world-renowned Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner. I have decades of experience working with more than 700 people from all walks of life—from women navigating entrepreneurship and big life changes, to PTSD clients including war veterans, victims of racial prejudice, and the LGBTQ community. 

I’ve moved beyond much trauma, loss, and undesirable circumstances in my own life, so I know first-hand what’s possible.

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