EFT Video Tip: Loyalty Can Slow You Down

Your connection to people you care about can interfere with releasing your challenge. But only when you’re not aware of it.

When someone important to you shares your issue or the experience it came from, your subconscious sends up a red alert. It says, “I don’t want to let go this issue. I’m afraid it means letting go of my connection with that person. And I don’t want to do that. So I’m not going to release this problem.”

And your whole letting-go process gets bogged down while you try to figure out why you’re staying stuck. Sometimes this hidden loyalty factor can make you think that your EFT tapping isn’t working.

Not true! You just need to make some adjustments to your tapping. Here are simple ways to work with loyalty and EFT so you can get better results:

  1. Ask yourself if your issue has connections to anyone you’re close to.
  2. If so, acknowledge it in your tapping setup. Say “Even though a part of me is concerned that letting go of this issue means letting go of [the person’s name], I want to love and accept myself anyway.”
  3. Reassure yourself during your tapping rounds. Say “I’m willing to release this issue, and I know I’m still connected to [the person’s name].”

Watch the video for more details and more tips.

If this is a bigger issue for you, contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT. Let’s break through this challenge to get you where you want to be!

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