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Easy Tapping Technique To Get An Answer

When you just don’t know the answer to what to do, which choice to make, what’s really bothering you, or what you need to tap on, here’s a way to get the answer for yourself.

Check out the video:

And for tap-along help with other issues, click here to check out our Breakthrough EFT Audios.

Leave a comment on how this works for you!

  • Giseletavares

    thank you Janet! much love

  • Love this Janet as I know it will help. When I have the opportunity to use this I will let you know the results. Question at the beginning you talked about saying different things should we be tapping on those too or just start tapping like what you did in the video?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Kim. Use those “Even though…” statements as your setup, where you’re either rubbing the sore spot on your chest or tapping on your karate chop point. And do that at the beginning of your tapping session. Then continue tapping as demonstrated in the video. I know you’ll enjoy having easier access to your inner information with this one. It can be so helpful!

  • Lorna

    Thanks, this was just what I needed. I love your energy!

  • So glad it was helpful, Lorna. Thanks for the feedback!

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