Tapping On Treasures: Respecting Your EFT Issues

A treasure hunt — that’s what I call time I spend talking before we begin tapping. A client looked at me like I was really nuts when I called it that. So I thought I’d share my explanation with you below.

How do you approach your tapping sessions? You probably have some positive outlook to motivate you in the first place — some certainty (or at least hope) that life will improve from tapping. Great! Starting with optimistic expectation is a good place to begin.

How Do You Look At Your Issues?

OK – Your outlook on the issue itself can be a little trickier to keep in the positive realm. Viewpoints I hear from clients include:

  • Oh, no — not another one. It’s ridiculous for that to bother me.
  • I hate to even go there. I’m an idiot to still be affected by that.
  • The details shouldn’t matter. Let’s just get this over with.

Respect Your “Problems”

The tapping concern you bring to your practitioner has real value. Yes – really! At one time, it served you well. Recognizing that can actually speed up the tapping process. We’ll get to that in a minute.

But first, look at some examples:

  • That fear you brought from childhood made perfect sense when you were little. It served as a reminder to keep you safe from some undesired consequence.
  • That old resentment protected your heart from feeling the pain of hurt.
  • That unhelpful old belief was learned from people you loved and looked up to. Holding that belief was a part of belonging and sharing. It made sense to hold it.

Honor These Treasures

Recognizing the former value of feelings and beliefs you want to tap away is helpful for these reasons:

  1. You now have one less reason to be critical of yourself. You didn’t just grab your issues for no good reason! They are all responses to something. Your wisest self came up with a good tool to help you best cope with your world.
  2. Honoring the concerns as you get ready to tap on them can help you relax. This always decreases subconscious resistance to releasing what you’re tapping on.
  3. A more positive perspective raises your energy level, your vibration, or however you want to think of it. And it can actually lower your emotional intensity level.

All of these things can reduce the amount of time it takes to clear your issue. So consider a different point of view when you think of your issues.

Real Gems

Now you’ve seen that your issues had value in the past — that’s one way that they’re real gems. Another way is that each is a crystallized focus point for healing. If you know what the issue is, you know that releasing it will create good change. Now that’s a gem!

When you want fast relief from┬áthose bigger issues, contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT. Let’s shift this challenge to get you where you want to be!

  • sarah

    What a fabulous reframe, Janet ­čÖé Thank you for all the wonderful eft scripts and a big thanks for all the hard work that you have obviously put in and your kindness in offering the scripts for free. God bless !!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad it’s helpful for you, Sarah. I love hearing that!

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