Bottom Line – Tap Down To Zero

zeroHave you ever heard the phrase “the good is the enemy of the best”? It means that by settling for something good, you could be denying yourself something grand – the best! With tapping, it can be easy to let this happen. But tapping down to zero guarantees you the best – best possible results from tapping on your particular issue.

Isn’t Measuring A Waste of Time?

Some people think that measuring your intensity level or “S.U.D.S.” level is a waste of time. Or they think it’s too much trouble to try to get a number. So they don’t bother. They believe that they can “just tell” when the issue is gone. So they tap until they feel good, and then they stop.

Reasons To Measure

Taking the time to assess emotional intensity can really pay off. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a guideline that tells you if you’re releasing the issue or not, and how quickly. If it’s not moving or moving slowly, you can investigate where the snag is.
  2. It’s encouragement that you’re getting somewhere – especially important with painful issues.
  3. A sudden increase can alert you that a related issue has popped up.
  4. And most important – it can signal that you’re really finished with the issue.

Why Is Zero Important?

In my experience, if the intensity level doesn’t get down to zero, the issue is not completely gone. Furthermore, the intensity level can creep back up – not to its previous level, but it can still climb again. On the other hand, if that number DOES get to zero, that issue does not return. It’s done. Through! Personally, I vote for that result.

If I ask a client what her number is and she says, “I think it’s a zero,” we tap another round or do the 9-gamut procedure. If it’s really at a zero, they’ll be very quickly certain it’s a zero – none of the “I think” stuff even enters into it.

Do Yourself A Favor

So go ahead and measure your intensity of feeling or strength of belief. Write the number down. Then tap it down – all the way to zero. Be sure next to test yourself. If anything shows up, tap THAT down to zero. Then celebrate your freedom from that issue!

If you run into some resistance or have trouble getting to zero, contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT. Let’s shift this challenge to get you where you want to be!

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