tapping method

Tapping is usually goal-oriented, right? You’re getting blocks out of the way so you can do something. But sometimes another approach is what’s called for. And that’s to use EFT to clear your blocks and then just wait. Set the goal aside. I love hearing how a client experienced a total shift in her business […]


This tapping tip can really speed up your EFT. The secret: unhook your feelings about your topic from your need to DO something about it. They are two separate things. By untangling them right at the start of your session, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to let go of things. Watch […]


In my last post I shared a great EFT shortcut – tapping in resistance phrases at the beginning of your session, even before you do your tapping setup. Here’s a short video to show you this big time-saver tip: Try it out and come back here to comment on how it went for you. For […]