It’s just too much some days, isn’t it? All the political changes and the emotional overload they can cause. Too much, day after day, in your face everywhere you turn. It was really getting to me. My emotional reactions were taking over my thoughts, my sleep, my conversations, and my life. I decided to change […]


Sometimes trying to tap away anxiety can be tricky. It just doesn’t want to leave. Has that happened to you? It’s because of some very good reasons. And that’s what we’re addressing here — why it can be a challenge to release anxiety. And then we’re going to fix it with (drum roll ……) tapping! […]


You are not a problem that needs fixing. No matter HOW many issues, concerns, problems, syndromes or challenges you have. You don’t need to be fixed. Occupational Hazard As an EFT tapper, you might disagree. Maybe you’re aware of a ton of things in your life that you want to change. And now you have […]

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Some parts of trusting yourself are about your confidence in making choices and decisions – and trusting your judgment. That’s what we’ll deal with today, along with ways that tapping can help.  The first common challenge is that I don’t trust myself because I might make a mistake. Another is I don’t trust myself because […]


Do you want to feel better immediately about what’s going on right now? Tap on resistance. This is the one factor that’s always present in one form or another when you’re uncomfortable. So if you don’t know what else to tap on, start there. I did this the other day. I was talking to a […]


When you want to let go of something, is your language saying that? Or do your words contradict your intention to release it? Here’s what I’m talking about. If you’re saying you want to release the pain in your back, are you calling it “my back pain?” A Better Option You’re better off to refer […]


A reader asked the other day if EFT can be used for gluten intolerance that celiacs experience. That inspired me to pass on this great tapping technique to deal with any kind of sensitivity to substances — including hay fever. There’s really no need to resign yourself to a lifetime of bad reactions. EFT is […]


Why do you procrastinate anyway? For very good reasons. That’s right. And that’s the first thing to realize. It serves you in some way. It’s simply a response to something. So you have to look underneath that response – that behavior of procrastinating. Often it actually makes you feel safe. There’s a fear underneath – […]


Keeping commitments to yourself is a huge deal because it’s the basis for trusting yourself. And sometimes you might be at the end of your list for keeping commitments. The things you’ve promised other people always come first. But this works like the oxygen mask on the airplane does: You have to take care of […]


This challenge showed up with a client yesterday, so I dusted off a topic from last year to remind us all about how tricky it can be to do EFT about the people we’re closest to. Resentment and hurt and love are often tangled up together. So when you tap on an issue with these […]