Stress Relief

What if celebrating winter holidays were as much fun as partying on the 4th of July?! Wouldn’t that be great? I know. Sometimes it’s not that easy. There’s shopping, decorating, parties, family, cooking, crowds, not enough time … But that’s all so tappable! Here’s a holidays tap-along for you to get you back in the […]


Being uncertain without being anxious is totally possible. Have you tried EFT for anxiety when you’re facing the unknown, and the EFT just doesn’t work? Sometimes the reason it doesn’t work is because you’re trying to tap away uncertainty. You can tap away unwanted feelings, but uncertainty isn’t really a feeling. It’s a state of […]


You know how it can all just be too much sometimes? You don’t know where to start. Or you think you’ll never get it all done.  Perfect time to tap! Keep It Simple You can feel SO much better really quickly by keeping it simple.  Yes – it’s a great thing to get to the […]


Has this ever happened to you when you’re doing EFT? You’re tapping away, moving out your issue just fine. Your emotional intensity is dropping fast. And suddenly it just won’t budge. You can’t seem to finish off the issue. You want to get that intensity down to a zero, but you just can’t do it. […]


Tapping in its standard form is a remarkably fast way to release old issues — much faster than other types of therapy. And EFT works really quickly to eliminate fears and unhelpful beliefs, too. You can work with these issues and obstacles one at a time and get great, lasting results. But did you know […]