self growth

Many people using EFT find themselves avoiding working on childhood events and issues. These are some “why”s I hear from clients: That was so long ago. I’ve already dealt with that in therapy. I don’t see what it has to do with me now. I don’t remember much about my childhood. Let’s work on current […]


If you’re looking to mentors, inspirational speakers or books for motivation, you’re looking in the wrong places. Here’s a short video on what I’ve discovered about getting motivated. Today I want to share some more thoughts about motivation. The big secret is that motivation is already here. You don’t have to go somewhere else to […]


Sometimes the surest way to stay frozen is to wait to feel motivated. Here’s a short video about my thoughts on that. Enjoy! What do you think? Let us know by leaving a comment.


Yes, here we are talking about self-blame again. That’s because it traps so many people, and because getting rid of it creates such freedom, that I’m covering another aspect of it here. In the last post, Self-Blame Or Personal Responsibility?, the emphasis was on how blaming yourself can creep in on you and keep you […]


We’re encouraged to take personal responsibility to empower ourselves. It does feel good, doesn’t it? I admit it can be scary, but the strength of it feels great. When I’m taking responsibility for my life and there’s a problem, I’m in charge of the solution. It’s my choice. Since I like being in charge, that’s […]


It can be easy to watch yourself stalling and just label it procrastination. Then what do you do about it? Do you scold yourself to try to get moving? Sometimes that can spur you on, but the momentum sure doesn’t last. And it feels awful! What feels better is to look a little closer. If […]


How can you be sure what your gut sensation is really saying? Is it your intuition, your Highest Self speaking to you? Is the wise part of you telling you this is the wrong choice for you? A solid “knowing” that another option is better? Or is that feeling just resistance to something that could […]


You should be done with that by now! Ever tell yourself that? Most of us do at one time or another. Sometimes because we’ve been procrastinating. Or maybe we started something without the skills or information we really need to get it done. How It Shows Up See if you recognize any of these real […]


Sometimes when you tap you don’t make much progress with releasing your issue. There’s some inner resistance to letting go. In EFT jargon, the resistance is called a reversal or energy reversal. When you tap, the energy is not going in the direction you want (releasing), but is stuck in reverse (holding on). What It […]


Making a powerful commitment includes burning bridges – eliminating the paths of retreat. Yikes! Maybe that sounds a little drastic to you. But think about it: There’s a bridge behind you that leads back to where you came from. Maybe there’s a part of you saying , “Well, if this doesn’t work out, I can […]