The term anger covers a whole spectrum of feelings. Does one of these words fit better for you? frustrated, annoyed, irritated, bugged, impatient, aggravated, upset, resentful, mad, outraged, pissed off, blaming somebody else or yourself, (your favorite term here). Choose your word and apply it wherever you read the word “anger” here. To shift that […]

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Your connection to people you care about can interfere with releasing your challenge. But only when you’re not aware of it. When someone important to you shares your issue or the experience it came from, your subconscious sends up a red alert. It says, “I don’t want to let go this issue. I’m afraid it […]


Easy Tapping Technique To Get An Answer When you just don’t know the answer to what to do, which choice to make, what’s really bothering you, or what you need to tap on, here’s a way to get the answer for yourself. Check out the video: And for tap-along help with other issues, click here […]


Do you want to feel better immediately about what’s going on right now? Tap on resistance. This is the one factor that’s always present in one form or another when you’re uncomfortable. So if you don’t know what else to tap on, start there. I did this the other day. I was talking to a […]


When it’s hard to get started, finding incentive turns into a huge project. Now you have a new big thing on your to-do list: Dig up a way to get motivated. But I’ve discovered a secret: If I listen to my inner chatter about why I’m NOT motivated, I can find the keys to get […]