The term anger covers a whole spectrum of feelings. Does one of these words fit better for you? frustrated, annoyed, irritated, bugged, impatient, aggravated, upset, resentful, mad, outraged, pissed off, blaming somebody else or yourself, (your favorite term here). Choose your word and apply it wherever you read the word “anger” here. To shift that […]

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Your connection to people you care about can interfere with your tapping. But only when you’re not aware of the possibility. When someone who is important to you shares your issue or the experience it came from, your subconscious can send up a red alert. It says, “I don’t want to release this issue. I’m […]


Easy Tapping Technique To Get An Answer When you just don’t know the answer to what to do, which choice to make, what’s really bothering you, or what you need to tap on, here’s a way to get the answer for yourself. Check out the video: And for tap-along help with other issues, click here […]


When you’re tapping, it’s easy to be slowed down by subconscious resistance (aka “reversals”). These are beliefs and thoughts related to your main issue that you don’t realize are working against you. They are off your radar, so they don’t occur to you when you tap. Remember – they are subconscious (below conscious recognition). These […]


Do you want to feel better immediately about what’s going on right now? Tap on resistance. This is the one factor that’s always present in one form or another when you’re uncomfortable. So if you don’t know what else to tap on, start there. I did this the other day. I was talking to a […]


(If you’d rather listen, turn up your speakers and click the arrow.) When it’s hard to get started, finding incentive can turn into a huge project in itself. Know what I mean? Now you’ve got another thing on your to-do list: Dig up a way to get motivated. Well, I’ve discovered a secret: If I […]


This is a question that comes up a lot for clients– maybe not in those exact words or with that clarity. Often not even at a conscious level. But the question is there in some form. Not having an answer to that question might create fear, which can keep you holding onto inner junk — […]


It can be easy to watch yourself stalling and just label it procrastination. Then what do you do about it? Do you scold yourself to try to get moving? Sometimes that can spur you on, but the momentum sure doesn’t last. And it feels awful! What feels better is to look a little closer. If […]