Being gentle with yourself feels good. And it sounds like a good idea to strive for some day. But do you know that it’s also a very practical tool? I’ll tell you why I know this is true in this short video. I have been talking about motivation and also about self blame. Now here’s […]

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When it’s hard to get started, finding incentive turns into a huge project. Now you have a new big thing on your to-do list: Dig up a way to get motivated. But I’ve discovered a secret: If I listen to my inner chatter about why I’m NOT motivated, I can find the keys to get […]


When you’re moving forward, it’s so helpful to acknowledge little changes along the way — no matter what you’re doing. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get discouraged. Or you feel like you have to scold yourself to keep moving. I think that’s why people turn to the “boot camp” approach of staying motivated. All they […]