Energy Healing

Relief from Physical Pain Changes Everything! You know how pain can impact your life in so many unpleasant ways. Tapping can be such a great tool to get relief. Here are some tips to make your tapping most effective to get the results you want. Listen in and tap along. (Just click on the white […]


Many people using EFT find themselves avoiding working on childhood events and issues. These are some “why”s I hear from clients: That was so long ago. I’ve already dealt with that in therapy. I don’t see what it has to do with me now. I don’t remember much about my childhood. Let’s work on current […]


When you have a physical challenge going on, chances are good there is some emotion connected to it. Conversely, sometimes if you’re tapping on an emotional issue, you’ll feel pain or tension somewhere in your body. So How Do I Tap? EFT is very flexible. You can focus on either the emotion or the unwanted […]


When your tapping session is successful, acknowledge your progress. Take a bow! Stand up and be counted! Whether you tapped on your own or worked with a practitioner, YOU were the one who let go of something. So take some credit. You made the decision to move forward. You had the courage to venture into […]


Today a friend asked how to use EFT to help with a stomach problem, and that’s what spurred me on to let you all know about this healing affirmations list. I have been using this technique and sharing it with clients for a long time. In fact, this list of affirmations is my primary healthcare […]

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Did you know that you can use EFT to help your pets? It’s very effective and fast and can bring great relief to your animals AND your checkbook. Essential: First Calm Yourself Unless it’s such an emergency that there’s no time to do this, take a minute to use EFT on yourself first. Clear (or […]


Do you ever feel like you’ve opened a Pandora’s box by starting to tap on your issues? Do you get discouraged when a new issue pops up? Here you were – excited to get rid of some old inner junk, only to uncover another layer or a related problem. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming – […]


Releasing anger can be tricky business – even with the help of EFT. Sometimes the process of letting go of resentment and frustration can get bogged down while you’re tapping. Resistance shows up and you’ve got one more thing to be irritated about. Talk about frustration! What’s Going On? Resistance arises out of self-defense. When […]


Has this ever happened to you when you’re doing EFT? You’re tapping away, moving out your issue just fine. Your emotional intensity is dropping fast. And suddenly it just won’t budge. You can’t seem to finish off the issue. You want to get that intensity down to a zero, but you just can’t do it. […]


Once you’re into a tapping session, it’s not unusual for another issue to show up — something a little different from what you started with. Always A Good Thing It may not feel pleasant (unwanted emotions seldom do). But the way I look at it, any issue showing up always give you more information about yourself and […]