EFT technique

Tapping is usually goal-oriented, right? You’re getting blocks out of the way so you can do something. But sometimes another approach is what’s called for. And that’s to use EFT to clear your blocks and then just wait. Set the goal aside. I love hearing how a client experienced a total shift in her business […]


Easy Tapping Technique To Get An Answer When you just don’t know the answer to what to do, which choice to make, what’s really bothering you, or what you need to tap on, here’s a way to get the answer for yourself. Check out the video: And for tap-along help with other issues, click here […]


When you’re tapping, it’s easy to be slowed down by subconscious resistance (aka “reversals”). These are beliefs and thoughts related to your main issue that you don’t realize are working against you. They are off your radar, so they don’t occur to you when you tap. Remember – they are subconscious (below conscious recognition). These […]