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A treasure hunt — that’s what I call time I spend talking before we begin tapping. A client looked at me like I was really nuts when I called it that. So I thought I’d share my explanation with you below. ******************************************************* How do you approach your tapping sessions? You probably have some positive outlook […]


“Do I need permission to tap for someone else?” “I can’t stand her. Can I tap for her to change?” “Does EFT work for remote healing?” “Do they need to know when I’m tapping for it to work?” These are some of the questions you’ve been asking about surrogate EFT, or tapping for someone else. […]

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Getting stuff done in a timely way can be a challenge for a lot of reasons. Maybe you’ve got a really full schedule. Or a seemingly endless to-do list. You might have a lot of people depending on you for a lot of things. But there might be another reason. Are You Procrastinating? Sometimes the […]