Go Do It! (or If I Can Surf, You Can Do Anything)

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In this short video, you’ll see all the fears and beliefs that EFT eliminated, obliterated and vaporized to get me learning to surf at 60! By the way, I’m no athlete. And I thought at age 40 it was too late to start surfing. In those days, I knew nothing about EFT. But today is a different story. Check it out:

What’s your dream that is slipping away? Go catch it and start tapping on what stands in your way. It’s not too late!

And if I can help you with that, I would be absolutely honored and excited. Click here to contact me and let’s get you going!


  • Claire Hayes

    Love this Janet! really brilliant…

  • Liz Cotton

    Well done, Janet! That’s great! If you can do it, I can too. This weekend, I’ve decided now’s the time to go and learn the ancient art of fly-fishing! Have always wanted to do it, but always had excuses! I’m going out into the country and taking some lessons! Keep up with the surfing, Girl, and enjoy. We have too many Great White sharks in our waters for me to be comfortable with surfing, although many people do surf (so maybe that’s just another excuse). Tap, tap tap

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