Strategic Self Kindness

Being gentle with yourself feels good. And it sounds like a good idea to strive for some day. But do you know that it’s also a very practical tool?

I’ll tell you why I know this is true in this short video.

I have been talking about motivation and also about self blame. Now here’s where these two topics come together: using self kindness as a strategy.

I’m not suggesting it just because it feels good to be kind to yourself (although it does). Nor because it’s a great spiritual practice to use self kindness (although it is).

I’m suggesting self kindness as a strategy for moving ahead – either for personal devleopment or as a business strategy. It works for whatever your focus is and here’s why:

Self kindness saves time and energy, leaving you more of both for what you really want to do.

If you’re NOT gentle with yourself, you lose momentum every time something goes wrong or doesn’t go the way you want it to.

  • Criticizing yourself takes head time: all your thoughts about what you did wrong, what you should have done instead, etc.
  • Criticizing yourself takes heart time: all the crummy feelings about yourself.
  • And your focus turns totally inward.

To pull out of this state takes even more time and energy — recovery time to get your head turned around, to open your heart back up and feel better emotionally, and to turn outward again.

Self kindness, on the other hand, leaves you buoyant — with plenty of energy to focus outward and keep moving. It subtracts nothing from you to be kind to yourself. It doesn’t use up energy; it increases it. And the vibe it creates is contagious.

My point is that it’s highly practical as a strategy. So I hope you’ll consider using self-kindess — deliberately.

It can be a challenge doing this on your own. EFT coaching is a great shortcut for getting there, and that’s what I’d love to help you with. Contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT.

Stay tuned for some tips on using EFT to help you with. In the meantime, what do you think? Let’s hear it in the comments.

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