Release Your Resistance To Tap Breakthrough EFT Audio

“I Know Tapping Would Help, But I Just Don’t Do It.” How Many Times Have You Said That To Yourself? And You Can’t Figure Out Why You’re Not Doing EFT When You Know It Works. You’re So Frustrated!



That’s where this tapping resource comes in…

When you realize that there is a good reason that you’re not tapping, you can start right there. Zero in on that reason. Then you can move beyond your resistance in a gentle, constructive way. No more beating yourself up for avoiding EFT — which doesn’t work to get you started anyway!

These tapping sequences are designed to go straight to the limiting beliefs and fears that are standing in your path. And without blaming yourself, to easily move those blocks aside. Then you’ll have the internal freedom to go ahead and do that tapping you really want to do.

Release Resistance To Tap

Here’s What You Get:

  • 1 subconscious resistance-clearing tapping sequence
  • 10 energy-shifting tapping sequences
  • 1 sequence of empowering affirmations
  • Bonus: EFT Starter Kit for more basic tapping instructions

We’ll use EFT to address the blocks that keep you from tapping — including fear, frustration, and the “shoulds”. And we’ll finish it up with tapping in the positive to anchor your new desire for action.

“I had been stuck from tapping for about 5 months… Thanks to using the audio, I got over the stagnation.”

“I had been stuck from tapping for about 5 months — getting frustrated with myself for not using EFT when I know it has worked so well on many things I have used it on. Why was I not tapping? For me it was the fear that it wouldn’t work this time. I had a choice: Do I stay stuck or do I give myself a chance to make friends with this part of me? This audio gets both parts working together. Thanks to using the Resistance To Tapping audio, I got over the stagnation. Thank you, Janet!” – Julie Hall, Lincolnshire, UK

Why So Many Tapping Sequences?

The script in this tapping program changes direction along with you as you clear your challenges during the session. So you won’t just be saying the same few phrases over and over again. It’s designed that way to give you solid, lasting results, based on my years of effectively working with clients in this way.

Your session is broken down into sections that you can customize it to fit your individual situation.

How Can You Use This Program?

We all put off tapping at different times for different reasons. This is for you if you:

  • Keep promising yourself you’ll tap when you get the time
  • Intend to tap, but you keep forgetting to do it
  • Convince yourself that you don’t know the best way to approach your problem with EFT
  • Tell yourself you’ll try everything else first, and use tapping as a last resort

Ready To Get Moving?

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Thanks for investing in yourself. Now get started tapping! Keep in touch and let me know how this works for you. I’d love to hear about it.