Dissolving Stage Fright Workshop In A Box

Get the magic of a live Dissolving Stage Fright Workshop – without leaving home!

Over the past three years, I’ve had the amazing privilege of working with teachers, performers and business people to overcome their fears of performing and speaking in public. Helping them dissolve their stage fright and then hearing where that freedom took them has been remarkable, and sometimes completely blows me away. Who knew who was hiding behind those fears?

Of course, each person had their unique form of stage fright. But they were much more alike than different. That’s why the same solution and the same system of steps worked so effectively for them all — and for anyone suffering from stage fright. Since I know not everyone can hire me personally so I can work through the system live, I wanted to do the next best thing:

Create the system in a box so many more people can painlessly deliver their best performance and reach more people with their gifts — without losing their sparkle, and without taking 10 years to do it.

So I took the exact steps and techniques I’ve used with clients and created a printable guide and series of audios for you to use to eliminate your own performance and speaking fears. And now we have the Dissolving Stage Fright System in a box!

Without leaving the comfort of home, you can now participate in this workshop and eliminate your speaking and performing fears so you can deliver your very best to your audience.

This multimedia system is for you if you are:

  • missing business opportunities due to fear of speaking
  • a seasoned speaker or performer whose tension wears you out
  • dreaming of performing, but too scared to try
  • wanting to advance, but performance fears are holding you back
  • get the jitters giving presentations
  • a wreck at networking events
  • ready to be relaxed, but still focused and sparkling when you get up in front of people

“Just what I needed to free me forever from backstage jitters and those hellish first few minutes onstage.”

“My work with nonprofit organizations has led me to become a speaker, presenter and trainer. I’ve also been an actor and singer for most of my life. A certain level of nervous apprehension (although not debilitating, always extremely uncomfortable) has always been an inevitable part of my process. Imagine my delight when I first experienced speaking without the distraction of stage fright! Janet’s calm, sensible, thoroughly grounded approach to tapping was just what I needed to free me forever from backstage jitters and those hellish first few minutes onstage. My mind is right where it needs to be, not listening to the small, insistent voice of warning I’ve grown accustomed to hearing over the years. I know that many performers and speakers accept stage fright as a given, a necessary evil, even a tool for channeling energy, but believe me, knowing how to transform apprehension into excitement and anticipation has changed the way I prepare for every appearance.” Ginny Lang, Consultant to Nonprofits, www.LangConsult.com

What is covered?

  • How to clarify your exact personal goal of fearless and peaceful performance/speaking
  • How to release any sneaky, hidden barriers to moving towards that goal
  • How to identify your personal stage fright stumbling blocks
  • How to eliminate the influence of bad experiences
  • How to be done with uncomfortable physical sensations
  • How to release anxiety over all those things that could go wrong
  • How to fortify your success as a calm, dynamic performer

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“I’ll be recommending your program to all of my clients.”

Your Dissolving Stage Fright program is a model of clarity and organization and is chock full of powerful phrases which help people get to the bottom of their negative patterns. I’ll be recommending your program to all of my clients who are serious about eliminating their stage fright, once and for all!”
Lisa Popeil, Celebrity Voice Coach, Voiceworks® Method creator, Los Angeles, www.Popeil.com

What will happen as a result of using this system:

  • You will tap into your best performance, unhampered by fear and tension.
  • You will feel relaxed, yet still have the electricity that comes with performing.
  • You’ll be able to think on your feet and improvise because you’re relaxed.
  • You will have a stronger connection with your audience because you’re more open.
  • You will be more creative and spontaneous as your energy is freed up.
  • You will be energized by performing instead of exhausted and depleted.
  • You will have new techniques and resources to apply to other areas of your life.

“I immediately felt the confidence return to start contacting groups to set up speaking engagements.”

“I have been a speaker and presenter over the past 20+ years on the international level. Lately, I’ve been reluctant to face a live audience. After working with Janet, I immediately felt the confidence return to start contacting groups to set up speaking engagements.” –Colleen M. Crook, Life & Leadership Coach, www.consciouslivingconnection.com

What’s included?

  • Downloadable audios for the Six Steps of the Dissolving Stage Fright System
  • Downloadable audios for six tapping sessions, separated out so you can easily return to them any time
  • PDF guide for entire Dissolving Stage Fright System, including all tapping scripts
  • Additional lists of EFT Success Tips and Stress-Free Speaking Tips
  • Bonus Performance Booster Tapping Session (audio and script) to use before any performance)

“I scheduled my first workshop without any hesitation or apprehension.”

“Before working with Janet I had a fear of presenting alone in front of a live audience. From the work we did together, the change was profound. Within weeks, I scheduled my first workshop without any hesitation or apprehension” – Loren Fogelman, M.Ed, EFT-ADV, Success Expert, www.mindsetformarketingsuccess.com

How much does it cost?

$139.00. Yep. That’s it. I want to make it easy for you to get out there and painlessly do what you want to do.

Let’s do this!
Click on the “Buy Now” button to grab a copy of Dissolving Stage Fright: Six Steps To Eliminating Performance and Speaking Fears.

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Who is Janet Hilts?

If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I am Janet Hilts, a breakthrough performance coach and EFT specialist.

My official bio: Janet Hilts is the creator of Clear Path Coaching, a step-by-step system to help people reconnect with their dreams and make them happen. Janet teaches motivated people how to clarify and achieve their personal goals. She helps her clients get unstuck and and moving forward, putting their visions into action. With performance coaching and the rapid-change tool of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Janet helps clients dissolve inner barriers and work to change elusive dreams into reality. A speaker, coach and teacher, she reaches entrepreneurs worldwide through her electronic newsletter, teleclasses, in-person workshops and private coaching.


Send them to janet@janethilts.com. We promise to get back to you quickly.

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To your performing and speaking success,


P.S. The biggest thing I hear from my clients is that they wish they had taken action earlier on their stage fright. They just didn’t know it was possible to be done with it. If my product can get you moving ahead, I will be thrilled!