Dealing With Difficult People Breakthrough EFT Program

What If You Could Respond To A Challenging Person And Come Away Feeling Peaceful?

We all have someone difficult in our lives – whether it’s a neighbor, family member, co-worker, or fellow committee member.  That’s just part of everyone’s life, isn’t it?

But dealing with them doesn’t have to be an energy drain. It doesn’t have to leave you feeling worse than you did before you talked with them.

Imagine How Different It Would Be If You Could:

  • Choose what you experience and how you respond to them
  • Trust yourself to keep yourself safe and peacefully powerful
  • Hold steady and be who you really are
  • Learn to connect at the heart with them

You’ve tried so many ways to deal with them. And you’re so ready for a change that makes a difference!

Where Are You Right Now When You Think About That Difficult Person?

Do you avoid them, hoping they’ll just disappear? Does it feel like they suck the life out of you? Are you frustrated even thinking about interacting with them?

There’s a whole new world of possibilities for you with how this relationship plays out. And it has NOTHING to do with the other person changing!

That’s where this EFT tapping program comes in…

Instead of expecting the same old scenario with them, you can create new possibilities. You can choose a new option to shift the way you respond to them.

Dealing With Difficult People
That’s what you have in this tapping program — the tools to get back in the driver’s seat of how you feel. You can bring yourself back to a place of choice. YOU choose how you want to be affected by those difficult people..

Here’s What You Get:

  • 1 resistance-clearing tapping sequence
  • 10 energy-shifting tapping sequences
  • 1 sequence of empowering affirmations
  • Bonus: EFT Starter Kit for more basic tapping instructions

We’ll use EFT to shift your feelings about them — releasing your old automatic reactions to what they do or say. We’ll maintain your values system, your sense of what’s good and healthy in relationships, and gently let go of reactions that don’t serve you. We’ll finish it up with tapping in the positive to anchor your new desire to choose how you respond to challenging people.

Why So Many Tapping Sequences?

The script in this tapping program changes direction along with you as you clear your challenges during the session. So you won’t just be saying the same few phrases over and over again. It’s designed to give you solid, lasting results, based on my years of effectively working with clients in this way.

Your session is broken down into sections that you can customize to fit your individual situation.

How Can You Use This Program?

We each are affected in different ways by difficult people. This tapping program is for you if you want to:

  • Make peace with the way you interact
  • Stop feeling stuck in the same old loop with somebody
  • Release a pattern of expecting the worst
  • Come away feeling good about yourself

Ready For A New Way To Respond?

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Thanks for investing in yourself. Now go start tapping! Keep in touch and let me know how this works for you. I’d love to hear about it.