Start Releasing Before You Start Tapping

Your body-mind is listening to every word you say. When you want to let go of something, is your language saying that? Or do your words contradict your intention to release it?

Here’s what I’m talking about. If you’re saying you want to release the pain in your back, are you calling it “my back pain?”

A Better Option

You’re better off to refer to it as “the back pain” or “the pain in my back.” This may seem like nit-picking or just semantics, but it’s not. It’s a big deal. Because with your words, you’re expressing your relationship to the issue you’re talking about.

And not just to other people. You hear your own words, spoken out loud or just heard internally. When you say “my pain” or “my problem,” you’re reinforcing your connection to it. And actually the strength of your possessiveness about it. That’s not serving you if healing is your goal.

So start to disconnect from your issue by disconnecting with your words. Put a little space between you and that issue by un-claiming it. Stop using the words “my” and “mine” in reference to it. It’s not a matter of denial. It’s just a way to start the process of releasing.

Fuel For EFT

As you begin to shift your language like this, notice what feelings and thoughts pop up. The process can really bring some interesting things to the surface. Maybe it feels scary to let go of the “my” part of it.

Ask yourself what that feeling’s about. Is it:

  • Losing part of your identity as being someone with that problem?
  • Losing some attention that you get as a result of that issue?
  • Losing some connections with great care providers?
  • Connections with fellow sufferers?
  • Fear that the problem won’t ever change?

Whatever beliefs or concerns show up are all tappable issues – perfect fuel for EFT. So write them down and include them in your tapping session.

Don’t Forget

And whatever you do (or don’t do), be gentle with yourself and exercise self-kindness about it all. OK? Forget any self-blame about what you’re “doing wrong.” It’s not about that. It’s about making a new choice that serves you better. That’s all.

What’s your take on this? Leave a comment and let us know.

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