EFT Resistance Phrases: Your Key To Fast EFT Results

When you’re tapping, it’s easy to be slowed down by subconscious resistance (aka “reversals”). These are beliefs and thoughts related to your main issue that you don’t realize are working against you. They are off your radar, so they don’t occur to you when you tap. Remember – they are subconscious (below conscious recognition).

These resistance thoughts are big deals and can make tapping progress difficult. That’s why it’s important to do something about them. Let me give you a few examples of typical resistance beliefs:

  • I don’t deserve to let go of this issue.
  • I should have let go of this a long time ago.
  • I’m a __________ (wise person, coach, EFT practitioner, minister, etc.) and I shouldn’t have this issue.

You could do a whole tapping session on each one of those beliefs – because they have emotional intensity all on their own – aside from the issue they relate to.

Shortcut: Resistance Tapping Phrases

Here is a way to quickly eliminate these thoughts, without adding more tapping sessions. You can start your EFT session by giving voice to this resistance before you do your setup. Many thanks to EFT Master Lindsay Kenny for this concept. You can hear examples of this “resistance tapping” at the start of all the tap-alongs on my Moving Forward With EFT radio program.

How To Do It

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your issue to tap on. If it’s been with you for any length of time (longer than a few weeks), you have some subconscious resistance to letting it go. That’s a fact. Think about it: If you *didn’t* have any resistance, you would have already let it go. Right? So there’s no judgment here. It just happens.

    There’s some subconscious part of you that thinks it has a good reason to hold onto the issue. That’s why you’re getting ready to tap on it to let it go. OK. So let’s give that resistance part a chance to speak up and be heard once and for all. And then it can relax and not fight your EFT attempts to release the issue. That’s all we’re doing here.

  2. Using your karate chop point, tap the resistance phrases before you do your setup. The phrasing goes like this: Even though I don’t want to let go of this because _______________(use resistance phrase here), I want to love and accept myself anyway. Do this for as many resistance phrases as you think may apply.
  3. Move on to your setup, and then start your regular tapping.

What Phrases To Use

You may be asking, “If it’s subconscious and off my radar screen, how do I know what phrases to use?” The best way is to keep a list for yourself of possibilities. Look at this list when you’re tapping and either tap once on each of them, or notice if you feel a little tug when you read it. If so, tap on that phrase.

Here are some more common resistance phrases for you (in addition to those listed above):

  • It may not be safe to get over this. Holding onto it might keep me from making a mistake.
  • This is a way I’ve been connected to _______(person) and I don’t want to lose that connection. [This can apply to anyone you’re close to who has this same issue, or someone you’re having the issue with.]
  • Maybe it’s not possible to get over this.
  • It’s been with me for so long I won’t know who I am without this.
  • I ought to be punished for what I did and hanging onto this is my punishment.
  • I won’t have a reason for my life not working if I get over this.
  • I’m afraid I’ll have to do something if I release this, and I’m not ready for that yet.

Try using these resistance phrases before you do your setup and be amazed at how quickly you release your issues.

Extra Tip

If you’re tapping and your intensity (SUDS) level gets low and then won’t budge, check this list. See if one of these resistant thoughts is holding things up. Take a minute to go back to your karate chop point and tap it in. Then go back to your regular tapping and watch your number drop down to a zero!

Try it out and come back to share your successes in the comments below.

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    Thank you. This was so powerful for me tonight. Didn’t realise the intensity with which I was resisting. Am exhausted now 🙂 tax again

  • Janet

    So glad it was helpful. It’s a powerful tool for sure.

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