EFT Video – Quick Release Tapping for Anxiety

Sometimes trying to tap away anxiety can be tricky. It just doesn’t want to leave. Has that happened to you?

It’s because of some very good reasons. And that’s what we’re addressing here — why it can be a challenge to release anxiety.

And then we’re going to fix it with (drum roll ……) tapping! Of course.

The trick to the whole thing is to acknowledge the reasons you resist letting the anxiety go. And then move on to your regular tapping formula.

Take a look:

And now let’s hear from you. What’s your experience with tapping on anxiety? Do you have any tips you want to share?

When you tapped along, how did this go for you? Leave a comment below and let us know.

As always, thanks for watching and sharing.

Expecting the best,

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  • Claire Hayes

    Lovely video Janet. Thank you.

  • natalia g

    thanks a lot, i did not realise i was holding on to the anxiety!

  • JanetHilts

    So glad it’s useful for you!

  • Linda Waldon

    This is a wonderful way to release anxiety! It works to gently and so lovingly. Thank you! I’m sharing this with my all my friends

  • JanetHilts

    Thanks, Linda! Yes – gentle is key. It’s so easy to raise our anxiety in our misguided attempts to get rid of it.

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