Paralyze or Catalyze? How Negative Head Talk Can Help

When it’s hard to get started, finding incentive turns into a huge project. Now you have a new big thing on your to-do list: Dig up a way to get motivated.

But I’ve discovered a secret: If I listen to my inner chatter about why I’m NOT motivated, I can find the keys to get moving right there. Here are the steps to do that:

1. Write Down The Blocks

Start by listening to your reasons and objections to getting moving. Don’t just yell at them or ignore them. Drop the self-blame for a minute.
Hear them with pure curiosity. This helps ideas and creativity expand – which they can’t when you’re closed down by being mad at yourself.

So ask yourself: Why aren’t I starting right now? Then write down the answers – just a quick list – no big deal.

2. Find A New Perspective

Look at each reason for a way it can inspire you. It’s really pretty easy. By reframing, you can actually create motivation. Let me give you an example.

Say my problem is I can’t get started writing this post. I listen to what my reasons are and write them down. Next I look for the new point of view inside them. Like this:

  • Reason: Afraid mine won’t be as good as another post I read this morning.
  • Shift: I can aspire to be as informative as the other writer. How can I do that? (motivation)
  • Reason: I have other things I want to do instead.
  • Shift: The sooner I finish this, the sooner I can move on to those other things (motivation)
  • Reason: I don’t feel like writing on the topic I planned to write on.
  • Shift: That’s OK. I don’t have to feel like it to do it. I just forgot that. Whew! Don’t have to generate unstoppable enthusiasm first => less pressure now (motivation).
  • Reason: Other people crank out blog posts effortlessly. What’s the matter with me?
  • Shift: Nothing is wrong with me. Here are the facts: (a) I’m not primarily a blogger. I’m a coach. (b) Lots of people have challenges creating blog posts. Whole businesses have been built around that fact. I have tools created by those businesses. I could use them now. Oh yeah – I forgot. I have resources and I’m not alone (motivation).

So instead of telling that voice to shut up, or yelling over it with affirmations, listen to it instead for possibilities. Listen with gentle curiosity.

3. Use EFT To Clear And Affirm

If you’re still stalling, go ahead and use basic EFT to help yourself.

  • Clear: Use EFT to tap away the reasons on your list.
  • Affirm: Tap in the shifts as affirmations.

This whole process could take you maybe 10 minutes. Compared to how long you can spend stalling, that’s a drop in the bucket. And now get going on your project!

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