Get Clear With New Goals And Bring On The EFT

2014Did you know the more specific you are with your resolutions and intentions, the more clear your challenges become? When you get clear about what you want to do, your resistance gets crystal clear. Your fears show up in detail. Specific old beliefs that block the way show up loud and clear.


Don’t Let It Stop You

This is a huge reason that lots of us (yes – me too!) hold back from declaring intentions or setting clear goals. When you keep your dreams vague, the unwanted feelings stay vague, too. So you’re not too uncomfortable. Which is fine – IF you want to live a mediocre, just-get-by kind of life.

But I know that’s not you. You’re looking for something different and that’s why you use EFT, isn’t it? Well here’s the great news about the whole goal-setting thing: EFT works best on specifics. So when you get specific with your goals, and your specific blocks show up, and EFT can work quickly on those specifics to get the blocks out of the picture.

Bring On The EFT

Tap in a few positive rounds to get started:

  • Even though it feels a little scary, I’m ready to get specific claiming what I want.
  • I know that this could stir up some feelings.
  • That’s good! I want to see what they are.
  • I choose to stay calm while I take a look.
  • I’m in charge here, and I choose to clearly see what stands in my way.
  • I can feel the fears float away. I’m excited to know what I really want.
  • I have the perfect tool for releasing old patterns that slow me down.

Move Them Out!

What are those old feelings and limiting beliefs blocking your path? Now that you can see them, you can start tapping on them – or help your practitioner to zero in with you on what’s holding you back.

Get Momentum

How are you going to make your goals happen for 2014? I’d love to help you get a jump start with laser-focused EFT. Contact me and let’s talk about how we can get momentum going for you.

Let us know how your EFT helps you reach your goals by leaving a comment below. Love to hear from you!

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