Lizard Brain Resistance To Change

Pretty strange watching myself stall in the last week. I’m making changes in my business and seriously dragging my feet. I knew one big way I could help myself was to use EFT* and tap on my fears of change. Jeez! I mean, that’s what I do for other people. Get them unstuck using EFT. I was feeling pretty lame, I have to tell you.

There was no doubt about how much better I’d feel, but I wasn’t doing it. AND I wasn’t moving forward with projects. I got a lot of OTHER things done while avoiding them, and that’s nice. I was doing my best to avoid being mean to myself. But still . . .

As luck would have it (or outstanding cosmic timing, depending on how you look at it), a couple of clients were in the same spot. In helping them, I remembered something I’d forgotten:

Being on the brink of change brings up HUGE resistance. Especially when it’s a big change. Oh, yeah… This is normal. This is natural. And it’s just a reaction. Period. You can realize that, acknowledge it, and move on.

It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. In fact, it would be a little weird if some version of this didn’t happen. Your lizard brain is trying to keep you safe. It’s doing whatever it can to get you to not rock the boat, and not make a change. Hey, good job, Lizzie! (Thanks, Pam Slim, for the suggestion to name and make friends with my reptile brain.)

Sometimes watchdogs bark when there’s no real threat. Same deal with the lizard brain. Somehow, just the realization that my stalling was a result of a natural reaction gave me the freedom to go ahead. Nothing big needed fixing first.

How do you help yourself when you see you’re avoiding what you want to do?

*EFT is Emotional Freedom Techniques, a rapid change tool you can read more about here.

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