Are You Moving Towards Joy With EFT?

Are you moving towards joy, or just moving away from pain? It’s easy to forget how different these two things feel. Especially when you’re tapping.

Moving Away From Pain

For most of us, the reason we’re tapping is to eliminate a difficult feeling or unwanted belief. And that usually IS moving away from pain. That’s like clearing the ugly picture off the screen. Good. But now it’s just a blank screen.

Moving Towards Joy

What picture do you want on that screen? It feels so much better to move towards something positive while you’re clearing the unwanted things with tapping. Move towards what you want. Seeing the destination on the screen provides direction and hope.

And you’ll actually release the pain much faster. Really! I’ve seen it hundreds of times.

How To Shift To Joy

So how do you do this when you’re bogged down in the challenge? Ask yourself what you want instead. What would you rather be doing? How do you want to feel? How would you like your relationship to be? What will you do differently when this challenge is clear? What would bring you joy in this area?

The more clarity you have, the better. But if you’re not clear, no big deal. Just pick something positive – something beyond a blank screen. Something beyond neutral. Something beyond pain-free. Something in the direction of joy.

Steps To Take

1. Before you tap, take a minute to get clear on a positive destination for yourself. Write down some simple statements about it. Here are some examples:

  • I want to be enthusiastic and supportive.
  • I want to be on fire with motivation.
  • I want a fresh new relationship with her.
  • I want to be strong, flexible and full of energy.

2. Set an intention to reach your emotional goal.

3. Then tap to release the unwanted feelings and beliefs.

4. As your emotional intensity level (or charge) gets down to a 3 or lower, start including positive statements about what you want. Use your list of simple statements for tapping phrases, and use the word “choose” instead of want (e.g. ” I choose to be enthusiastic.”).

Pain-free is definitely better than being in pain. But it’s also numb. Is that all you want?
Don’t cheat yourself. Go for the whole enchilada and grab yourself some joy!

You’re Not Alone

And if you want some outside experienced help, I’d love to work with you on your challenge. Contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT.

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