When Your Issue Has To Wait

Sometimes an issue is demanding your attention. You might be thinking about it all the time. Or you’re having the feelings that are connected to it. Possibly your body is clamoring for help in connection with it. Or maybe your mind, body AND emotions are continuously reminding you of the problem.

Meanwhile, the rest of your life says, “Now is not the time.” You can’t just drop everything to deal with the challenge that’s front and center in your consciousness. But you can’t get the issue off your mind.We’ve all been there.

What Are You Going To Do?

Here is a technique that works very well to give you relief. This is not a way to deny what’s bothering you. And it’s not a way to push it away or bury it. This is a healthy, beneficial way to be able to give your attention to the rest of your life for now, while committing to follow through with your issue later. It works whether you’re planning to use EFT, prayer, journaling, counseling, or talking with a friend.

Follow These Steps

It’s a simple process, but it’s important to include each one of these steps. Shortcuts don’t really work. Here’s what you do:

  1. Make an appointment with yourself or your practitioner to address the issue. If you’re making the appointment with yourself, pick a specific date and time — a REAL appointment.
  2. Set aside any frustration about it. Really. Just set it aside. Thank your system/body/mind/heart for the information that this issue wants your attention. (Good to do this out loud. If that’s not possible, do it in writing.)
  3. Tell your body-mind that you are not ignoring it or telling it to be quiet. You are letting it know that you have set a specific time to give the issue the attention it wants, and name that date and time. (Again, out loud is good; writing is a second choice.) If you have to wait to contact the practitioner, set the time that you will make that contact.
  4. Gently let your body-mind know that you’re now going to use your focus and energy for other things. Say thanks again, and move on with your life.
  5. CRITICAL: Keep your appointment with yourself to address the issue. If you don’t, this technique won’t work for you next time. Your body/mind will remember that you didn’t keep your commitment, so that issue will stay in your face – or at least continue affecting your life in an unwanted way — until you deal with it.

This has worked every time for me for years and the people I recommend it to – without fail. Just remember, the make-it-or-break-it step is that last one: keeping your commitment.

Give it a try and let us know your experience with it with a comment below.

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  • Janet berketa

    Janet, this method works very well indeed.  I have used – and recommended – a variation on this theme – making an appointment with oneself for a specific time every day – same time works best, then you don’t have to remember when it is – then simply write all the things that concern you for 10 minutes in a little notebook that is kept only for this purpose.  Don’t write for more than 10 minutes.  Then close the notebook and go on with your day.  When you notice your attention straying to various worries and concerns, you say to yourself – “no, no, you go away, we have an appointment to look at you tomorrow”.  This really helps you to understand how much of your day is spent worrying – but after a week or so, your mind understands that you really intend to honour your self promise – and the worries will wait for the appointment – and you now have 23 hours and 50 minutes of worry-free time in your day.

  • Janet Hilts

    What a great technique – especially for people who tend to worry. Thanks for passing it on, Janet!

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