Get Clear and Wait

Tapping is usually goal-oriented, right? You’re getting blocks out of the way so you can do something.

But sometimes another approach is what’s called for. And that’s to use EFT to clear your blocks and then just wait. Set the goal aside.

I love hearing how a client experienced a total shift in her business after doing this. Here’s what happened:

How We Tapped

  • We focused our tapping on anxiety, frustration and limiting beliefs about a part of her business that wasn’t working.
  • We gave her permission during the tapping to set the problem aside for 10 days.
  • We reassured her Inner Manager that we would give it all the attention it deserved at that later time.
  • We set the problem inside a beautiful imaginary box, closed the lid, and set it on the imaginary shelf.
  • We tapped on trusting that her inner and outer resources would bring her the best solutions when the time was right.

Her anxiety and frustration dissolved, and she shifted her focus to other parts of her business. There was no struggle in doing that — it just felt totally natural.

And then…. Surprise! 7 days later, the right people showed up, plans came together easily and a beautiful solution presented itself. There had been no striving, no dogged determination to find the answer. Just getting clear with EFT, planting positive seeds of change, and waiting for a defined period.

Set a Time Limit

Putting the 10-day limit on the set-aside time let the goal achiever in her relax, because she knew she’d be coming back to the issue. And that gave her the space to experience clarity — and the room for solutions to appear. When we checked in at the 10-day mark, she had some remarkable new plans in place. As she put it, “I never took the box down off the shelf. These things just all showed up and came together beautifully!”

Try this for yourself. Try tapping just for clarity and then give yourself a break – a defined waiting period before you come back to the issue. This video I did a few months ago will give you some more step-by-step instructions: EFT Secret.

Let us know your results by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear about it!

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  • Virginia

    Great information and so true.  Yours is one of the e mails I always open.  Thank you for being a pleasure to open.

  • Janet

    So glad you can use the information. That’s my best hope for what I do!

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