EFT – Stress Relief

You can use a little break from the stress in your life, can’t you? Using EFT and tapping along with this free audio can give you that relief you’re looking for.

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Just click on the play button on the yellow bar below to listen to your audio recording of “Stress Relief At Your Fingertips.”

MP3 File

Better yet, CLICK HERE to save this “Stress Relief At Your Fingertips” audio to your computer. Then download it to your MP3 player for some portable relief!

CLICK HERE for your diagram of EFT Tapping Points. To save these tapping instructions to your computer, once the PDF file opens, choose File (upper left corner), and then choose Save as.

You’ll need Adobe Reader to open the Tapping Points diagram. If you don’t have it yet, CLICK HERE or on the icon below to download the free software.

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