Start Exploring and Stop Fixing

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You are not a problem that needs fixing. No matter HOW many issues, concerns, problems, syndromes or challenges you have. You don’t need to be fixed.

Occupational Hazard

As an EFT tapper, you might disagree. Maybe you’re aware of a ton of things in your life that you want to change. And now you have a tool to make that happen — EFT. It’s so easy to get into a gotta-get-fixed mode – an occupational hazard for us tappers. Tapping turns into a self-remodeling job.

So What’s Wrong With That?

It’s not wrong, it’s just a painful perspective to take. It keeps you asking yourself, “What else is the matter with me? What’s another area where I’m messed up?” Believe me, I know…I felt like that for a long time. It gets overwhelming and discouraging.
I want to offer a different way to look at this. Forget about the reconstruction model – you are not some fixer-upper that needs endless work.

How About Discovery Instead?

What if you thought of your personal change process as exploration and discovery instead of a repair job? Can you feel the difference in that? There’s no shame feeling in looking for some new options. There’s no regret in researching a new path. There’s no dread behind opening up to different possibilities. And (maybe best of all) there’s no sad longing to see the process come to an end.

Step Away From the Pit

This shift in perspective makes the whole deal an adventure. It no longer feels like a bottomless pit of issues that need to be addressed so you can be whole. Ideas that come up about changes you want to make feel exciting. They fire up your curiosity. Who knows what new outlook I could have after tapping on some juicy subject? Can you feel the difference?

Not Just to Feel Better

Yes – an exploration outlook feels SO much better. But it also saves you time — and money if you’re working with a tapping professional. You get to the core of things so much faster. And you release more easily because you don’t have that resistance to feeling bad slowing you down. You don’t drag your feet from dreading to see what’s next on the fix-it list. You don’t worry about whether you’re “fixed enough” yet.
And I love this part: The question of when does it end just evaporates! Who wants new discoveries to end?

Let Me Know

I’d love to be your skilled guide on your explorations. Contact me if I can be of service to you.

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  • Monica

    So true. I have always been prone to clearing too much and not filling the void I just created. Thanks for the tips and suggestions for making EFT more effective.

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