Everyday EFT – Tip #4: Dealing with difficult people

Tapping in advance can make meeting with a challenging person a whole new experience. Why spoil your morning letting someone else get on your nerves? With a few minutes of tapping, the outcome can be much more pleasant.

Make it a SMALL deal

You may have a backlog of issues about the person. Maybe it’s a family member. Maybe a co-worker, client, or your boss. That can be a BIG deal. EFT is perfect for clearing that baggage, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

You can focus just on today’s meeting. Then tap to make it go more smoothly.

Here’s how you start:

Take a few minutes to be in a quiet place.  It could be at home, in a parking lot, even in the restroom at work — just someplace where you won’t be interrupted.  Then follow these steps:

Center your thoughts on today’s visit or meeting. Let’s face it: If you’re not looking forward to it, you’ve got some old negative history. Right? Well, set that aside for now. 

This is a great time to make a plan to use EFT on that old stuff. But if you’re not up to that, just be sure to set an intention to focus strictly on today’s encounter.

Reduce the negative

Start with a setup.  Then tap a couple of rounds on the negative emotions you have — dread, irritation, impatience, etc.

Tap a few more rounds giving voice to those feelings.  Just tap as you say out loud the things that you’re saying in your head.  For example: 

  • “She’s so rude!  She always interrupts me.  I can’t wait for this meeting to be over.  Why do I have to put up with her anyway?”  Or,
  • “He just goes on and on about the good old days.  I wasn’t there and I don’t care about it.  What a snore!”  You get the idea…

Expand your possibilities

Tap in some affirmations to draw out the best in both of you.  No need to do a setup here.  Just start tapping.  Here are some examples — but use your own words.

  • I choose to focus on what we DO have in common.
  • I look forward to visiting in a whole new way today.
  • I intend to connect through our hearts.
  • I’m expecting the best from our meeting.
  • I’m making a conscious decision to center on what I can give to (this person).

Surprising results

After some tapping, you’re more relaxed with fewer negative expectations.  You’re not so guarded.  Not all defended against the crummy things you were predicting.  

Now the other person can be more relaxed, too.  They don’t have to fight against your defense mechanisms.  People sense that stuff, you know.  Even if it’s not on a conscious level. 

So now you can BOTH have a new experience with each other.  How great is that?

Your backup strategy

You always have the option of finger-tapping.  Check out the full details at Everyday EFT Tip #3.

If you feel those old unwanted feelings start to rise, take one of your affirmations and focus on it. Say it silently to yourself if that works out, and finger-tap away!

If this is a bigger issue for you, contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT. Let’s shift this challenge to get you where you want to be!

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