EFT – Who Needs A Coach?

EFT is a great self healing tool. Daily life can be much more pleasant, tapping as you go. If you’re annoyed at traffic, improve your drive by tapping (use one hand only, please!) on “this annoying traffic” or “this road rage,” depending on how bad it really is.

Or if you wake up anxious, you can calm yourself and start off the day well by tapping on “this anxiety.” If you stub your toe, get rid of that distracting pain by tapping on “this toe pain.”

But if you want to get rid of those deeper issues that interfere with your success and happiness, working with a skilled EFT coach can be much more effective. Working on your own can be like mowing weeds down, only to have them rise up again. Your EFT coach can help you pull out those weeds by the roots so they don’t come back. Read on to learn some reasons why this may be the best good choice for you.

Painful Issues

Working on painful issues by yourself can be tricky business. You may unknowingly avoid some aspects to keep from feeling the old pain. You may have trouble staying focused. It’s remarkable what our subconscious defense system will do in trying to protect us. You might put it off — some part of you doesn’t want to face it alone. A coach can help with all these factors.

Chronic Issues

If you’ve carried a problem for a long time — physical or emotional — there’s a core issue beneath those symptoms that keep showing up. You may work for a long time on your own, trying to get to the bottom of it. But you can’t see through your own blind spots. A skilled EFT coach can quickly find the root of that problem and help you clear the chronic issue.

Patterns of Emotions

If you have a pattern of being anxious every day, or mad all the time in traffic, you can tap on those symptoms and get relief. But that’s a lot of repetitive work. Wouldn’t it be great to clear the cause of the pattern? EFT coaches like me know how to ferret out what’s at the core of those patterns and help you to release it. Then you can get freedom from the pattern — not just freedom for that episode.

When It’s Too Scary

When it feels too scary or painful to tap on your own, trust that. It’s your Wisest Self letting you know that you don’t have to go through this alone. I help my clients work through these BHI’s (Big Hairy Issues — my technical term) in the most painless way possible. There’s absolutely no need to re-traumatize yourself to heal.

When you’re ready for skilled, compassionate guidance to help you quickly release what’s bothering you deep down, contact me for a free consult to see if we’re a good fit for working together. Let’s get rid of that old pattern so you can be living life from a clean slate.

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