EFT Video: Resistance Phrases

In my last post I shared a great EFT shortcut – tapping in resistance phrases at the beginning of your session, even before you do your tapping setup.

Here’s a short video to show you this big time-saver tip:

Try it out and come back here to comment on how it went for you.

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  • Virginia

    Very good suggestion, I will implement it tonight at my first workshop “Change Your Mind When You Can’t Change Your Job”.

  • Anonymous

    That’s so great that you can share this shortcut and put it into action, Virginia. Best thoughts for a killer workshop tonight — and don’t forget to have fun!

  • Donald Wells Jr

    Nice one Janet:-)

  • Nicky Happy Tapper

    Hi! Your blog post is spot on, thank you. Quick question, if I have already tapped on some memories then realise that I have resistance, do I then need to work in these memories again (after the resistance tapping?). Many thanks! Nicky

  • JanetHilts

    So glad the article is helpful to you, Nicky. Take a quick check on those memories and see if there’s any emotional intensity left to them (also called a SUDS level). If you’re at a zero for the intensity level, no need to tap again. If there’s something left, go ahead and tap, starting with the resistance phrases. Let us know how it goes!

  • Marie

    Hi, I created some resistance phrases for anger, but am not sure they are what is needed. I want to tap on something that just happened yesterday, but I also have continued, deep-seated anger. Are these appropriate?

    – he can treat me that way, and if I’m not angry, he just gets away with it.
    – he can be a jerk to me, and nothing happens to him, so I’m angry.
    – he can put me down, and i shouldn’t just accept it.

    Could you rephrase it please into a statement in the right form? Thank you so much if you will do that. Marie

  • JanetHilts

    Check out this article about challenges letting go of anger and try tapping on the phrases listed, Marie: http://janethilts.com/eft-resistance-anger. It’s also important to do some in-depth tapping work on your deep-seated anger, which may be hard to do on your own if that’s been with you for a while. We often can’t clearly see our own hidden blocks to letting things go. I know I can’t! I would recommend doing this work with an experienced practitioner. Good luck!

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