EFT for Emotional Freedom – Not Emotional Control

“You need to control your anger.” How many times have you heard that? Or what about, “Get ahold of yourself. You need to calm down.” Have you ever been crying and felt like you need to get yourself under control? Emotions being out of control is seen to be a bad thing — socially unacceptable.

You Need To Get A Grip

This is how you’ve come to view emotions if you live in the western world. Feelings need to be managed. Right? We’ve got different standards for children vs. adults, and for men vs. women. And the rules change from culture to culture, region to region, family to family. But basically, we have to reel in even our level of happiness so people don’t think we’re being inappropriate — or nuts!

Tapping For Symptoms

So many people look to EFT as an emotional management tool — toning down the anxiety, soothing the sadness, or calming the anger. And tapping is an easy way to do all those things. That’s true. It’s really handy for that, and I’ve given you some tips on that in the past.

But using it to control your emotions is just scratching the surface of what EFT can do. The ultimate gift EFT has to offer is to neutralize the cause for the excess emotions. Take the emotions out of control mode completely. So out of control is really the goal!

Happily Out Of Control

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No extremes left to manage. No NEED to manage because there’s no driving force left behind that previously huge anger, or the over-the-top worry. When you use EFT to work with the root causes of your feelings overload, the emotional control thing is no longer a concern.

It’s not that the old trauma or annoying person has suddenly disappeared. It’s that EFT can cause a large shift in your perspective. Once the core issue has been cleared, the emotional trigger doesn’t fire anymore.

It’s Not Called Emotional FREEDOM Techniques For Nothing!

So when you use tapping in this way, actually your emotions ARE out of control. They’re not stomped down or reined in.

They’re at natural healthy levels with no need for management. It’s a great feeling and a wonderful freedom. I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of experiencing it for yourself — either on your own or with a practitioner.

Let us know how it goes for you.

And if you get in over your head, or just want an outside experienced perspective, I’d love to work with you on your challenge. contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT.

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