EFT To Recharge Your Motivation


Some days you’re more motivated than others – to really get into your work or your project. When your enthusiasm is drooping a little, it’s not always clear what the cause is. Last week you were really charged up to move on that project. Today, however, is another story…

What’s The Deal?

Lack of motivation can happen for a lot of different reasons. Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  • Distraction – If your attention is pulled in another direction, you may simply need to focus to revive your enthusiasm.
  • You need a break – Motivation can be tough to sustain over a long period. It’s possible that a brief change in activities is all you need. Then you can return fresh to your project and be ready to go!
  • Worry and fear – Sometimes you think it’s a lack of motivation, when the REAL issue is that you’re scared to move ahead. So you’ve pushed fear down to avoid discomfort. The problem is that your enthusiasm got pushed down with the fear. So it’s still there, but it’s just been temporarily squelched.

Getting The Boost You Need

You can use EFT to help yourself in different ways. See if any of these will work for you:

  • Tap in affirmations to get the level of motivation you’re looking for.
  • Listen for “yeah, but..s” or “tail-enders” when you’re doing your affirmations and write them down. Then use EFT on those objections to clear them out.
  • If distraction is the problem, use EFT to tap in positive statements: I’m willing to put my focus where it needs to be; I’m willing to clearly see my next step; and I’m willing to trust my inner guidance. Then follow through on that guidance. Once you’re doing what you need to be doing, it’s likely your motivation will return.
  • Check to see if fear is the real culprit. Then use EFT to eliminate that fear. When there’s no longer a need to squash your feelings, your enthusiasm will bounce back.

Get Rid Of Any Guilt And Blame

Whatever approach you take, be sure to let go of any guilt or self-blame about feeling unmotivated. For some people that’s a challenge. But the truth is that feeling guilty about being distracted just distracts you further! And blaming yourself for avoiding fear just creates an extra obstacle to regaining motivation.

So if you can just gently let those things go — guilt and blame — do it! If not, then use EFT to clear guilt or self-criticism. And remember: getting rid of those FIRST will speed up the rest of your tapping!

Try these tips and let it know how it goes — leave a comment.

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