EFT For Great Medication Results

EFT for Medication Side EffectsHealing comes from many sources, and they all have something to offer. Options range from herbal remedies to penicillin. From complex surgery to reflexology. From distant prayer healing to psychiatry. And of course, there’s EFT.

It’s Not An Either-Or Situation

You don’t have to choose just one thing to help yourself heal. Tapping works beautifully on its own for emotional and physical problems. But it can also help boost the effectiveness of other things.

It’s your body-mind and you’re in charge, so you can choose any combination of tools you want. Your active participation in your own healing process can’t help but speed it up.

Help Your Medications Work Better

There are different ways you can use EFT to improve the effectiveness of meds. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Start by tapping away any negative feelings about the medication. Examples: I hate to take pills. They cost so much. I should have done _____ and then I wouldn’t have to take this. I hate how it makes my mouth dry.
  2. For a refresher on EFT Tapping How-To Basics for tapping away those feelings, CLICK HERE.

  3. Then use EFT to reduce unwanted side effects. Tap away the belief that it has to be happen that way. Examples: a belief that your mouth must be dry when you take these pills, that your ears must ring, that you must be drowsy, etc.
  4. Next, use EFT to amp up the good effects of the medication. Tap in affirmations about the great results you always get from taking your medication. Focus on the intended outcome for taking it in the first place. Example: This antibiotic is working so quickly to eliminate the infection.
  5. Use EFT to get your body to partner perfectly with the medication. Tap in affirmations that this is happening. The phrase “I ask my (body part) to…” is one that gets great results. Example: I ask my immune system to work perfectly with this antibiotic to release this infection.

Don’t Forget To Say Thanks

Finish off with some gratitude and appreciation affirmations. Appreciate yourself, your body, the medication, the healthcare providers who help you, your spiritual source — express your gratitude for the healing that’s happening.

This last step feels really good. Even hardcore scientists agree that it will flood your body with beneficial biochemicals.

Keep Us Posted

Give this a try and let us know about your experience with it. Come back and leave a comment.

If this is a bigger issue for you, contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT. Let’s shift this challenge to get you where you want to be!

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