EFT – Your First Aid Kit

Tapping is the most amazing tool to take care of critter encounters — and other injuries. It really improved my day at the beach on the 4th of July. Here’s what happened:

I was standing in the wet sand. Somehow a little jellyfish found my toe to park himself on. I felt pain on the top of my second toe and looked down to see a little clear blob sitting there. Ouch!

I know how painful, swollen and itchy a jellyfish sting can get, and I had no interest in that. So I immediately started tapping, thanking my body for kicking in and easily absorbing the jellyfish hello with no repercussions whatsoever.

Here’s How The EFT Went:

I skipped the setup because I was totally tuned in to the issue already. I just jumped straight into the positive healing tapping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s critical to first set aside any anxiety or worries and any form of anger or blame (annoyance, frustration, irritation, self-blame, feeling stupid) before you start tapping in these positive phrases. Otherwise, it can interfere with the effectiveness.

If you need to take a few minutes to tap away those negatives, do that first. After a little practice doing this first aid tapping you’ll find it easy to just set aside those concerns without taking the time to tap on them, because you’ll trust this process. Either way, you need to have them out of way for the EFT to be effective.

Now for the tapping phrases I used:

  • Thanks, jellyfish, for stopping by. Nice visit.
  • Now take your goodies with you.
  • Thanks, my sweet toe, for returning to normal so quickly.
  • You do such a great job of carrying me around.
  • I ask my immune system to jump right in there and neutralize the jellyfish juice. [Notice I didn’t call it venom or poison or anything with a negative tone to it.]
  • My toe is starting to feel smooth and normal.
  • Thanks, body, for responding so quickly.
  • I can feel the pain evaporating.
  • I’m sending any swelling out to sea now.
  • Thanks, toe, for your wiggly self.
  • You’re healing up right now.
  • I’m honored to be the chosen one, little jellyfish.
  • I’ll remember you in a positive way — just another critter enjoying the beach. [This is to help keep any fear or anger out of the picture, leading to faster healing.]
  • The pain is completely disappearing.
  • I can feel the swelling subsiding so fast.
  • Thanks, toe, for returning to normal right now.
  • So long redness. Bye-bye itching.
  • Don’t need you. Don’t want you.
  • Thanks, body, for doing such a great job of recovering.
  • I really appreciate you.
  • My toe feels fine, and I’m so thankful for that.

I know I looked a little strange standing on the beach tapping, but that’s OK with me. I’m sure stranger things have happened at the beach.

Love The Results

I came out of it with just a little mark on a very happy toe. No itching, no swelling, no pain and no redness. Just a little mark where the skin had been broken to remind me of my visitor.

This is a great way to use EFT on the spot for a fall, a twisted ankle, a cut, a burn, a bee sting — any kind of injury. I’ve used it for all those things — for myself and those around me. Your fingertips plus knowledge of EFT = the perfect first aid kit!

P.S. Be sensible (disclaimer): This is not intended as a substitute for any medical attention you may need.

And if you get in over your head, or just want an outside experienced perspective for your physical challenge, I’d love to work with you. Contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT.

  • Tammy Trosclair

    Great reminder Janet to use EFT on everything even on little visits from the tiniest of crittters!

  • Shiltsbrown

    I did this for a burn I received from my oven while baking the other day, and I had no pain whatsoever.  Just a peeling finger with lovely new pink skin two weeks later.  It works!

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