EFT – Clearing Clusters – A Tapping Shortcut

Tapping in its standard form is a remarkably fast way to release old issues — much faster than other types of therapy. And EFT works really quickly to eliminate fears and unhelpful beliefs, too. You can work with these issues and obstacles one at a time and get great, lasting results.

But did you know there are times when it works just as well to cluster issues together? You can tap on several things at the same time and get rid of all of them at once.

When To Cluster

It’s important to use this Clearing Clusters technique with care. It’s not always appropriate. That means you won’t get good results with EFT if you choose this shortcut at the wrong time. Here are some successful times to use this.

Repeated Events

If you experienced similar repeated episodes of the same unwanted or traumatic events, you can cluster them together and tap on the whole cluster.

Note that the events must be closely related — all the times you got yelled at by your high school coach. Or all the times your brother beat you up. It won’t work to try to cluster all the times ANYBODY hollered at you when you were little. Stick to repeated interactions with one person (or one group).

Lists of Fears

You can use Clearing Clusters on any list of related fears or anxieties. For instance, if you’re dreading your presentation tomorrow, write down all your fears or worries that come up when you think about it. Or if you find yourself putting off doing a particular thing, ask yourself what you might be concerned about that has you stalling. Then tap away that whole list.

Again, the concerns must be naturally connected in order for this to work. And their common thread must be specific. So it won’t work to try to list every fear you can think of that keeps you habitually procrastinating on everything.

But Clearing Clusters WILL work if you choose a single project you’re putting off, and identify your fears connected to that.

Unwanted Beliefs

Old beliefs that no longer serve you often come in clusters. So this is a speedy way to eliminate them. There are two different ways you can group beliefs to tap them away.

Group By Topic: An example of a topic would be getting hired for a job. Just write down the list of interfering beliefs that bog you down — whatever that unhelpful gremlin in your head says: They’ll never hire me. Everyone else is more qualified. I never get the job I want. — You get the idea.

Group By Origin: Here’s where you cluster beliefs that originated from one person or group. So if you hear someone’s voice in your head all the time telling you things that don’t help, write down that list. Maybe it’s a parent, an influential teacher or religious figure; maybe a list of cultural beliefs.

How You Clear Those Clusters – Getting Started

For instructions on exactly how to do this, click here to read more.

And if you get in over your head, or just want an outside experienced perspective, I’d love to work with you on your challenge. contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT.

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