EFT – Why Go Back To Childhood?

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Many people using EFT find themselves avoiding working on childhood events and issues. These are some “why”s I hear from clients:

  • That was so long ago. I’ve already dealt with that in therapy.
  • I don’t see what it has to do with me now.
  • I don’t remember much about my childhood. Let’s work on current issues.
  • I’ve gone back to my early 20s. Isn’t that far enough back?
  • I should be over all that by now. I just want to tap on what’s bothering me now.

Darn Good Reasons

Sometimes the reluctance is fear masquerading as logic. Your protective inner self (who’s doing a great job, by the way!) is scared it’s too painful to go back there. So she creates this avoidance with some darn good reasons.

Or sometimes the resistance is from just not knowing – not realizing how much more helpful it can be to go as far back as you can with tapping.

So Why Bother?

Here’s the deal: Clearing childhood issues can have a larger positive impact on your life than probably anything else you can work on with EFT. It can hugely reduce the time spent tapping on your problems as they show up now. The positive impact of working on early issues shows up in ways you’d never imagine.

Why The Resistance?

Your brain is still physically developing until your 20s. So the younger you are, the more simply you process events. Feelings are huge and extreme when you’re a kid. Things feel like life and death, all or nothing.

As a child, you believe what you hear — especially from people you’re attached to. Events that wouldn’t phase you today feel really traumatic when you’re young. So your body, brain, and energy system register them as trauma. And that’s how they’re stored.

Even medical brain research shows that traumas are stored very differently in our brains. So childhood events have an enormous impact on your feelings, minds and energy systems. That’s why clearing them with tapping can create remarkable changes in your life today.

No Wonder You Avoid Going Back

When you think about a childhood issue, some of those early life-and-death feelings are triggered. That creates a fight-or-flight response in your system.

The most basic part of your being says it’s not safe to rock that boat. And your intellect responds with adult reasons (mentioned above) to leave it all alone. But staying safe is often staying stuck. Remarkable progress with tapping involves taking the risk of leaving that comfort zone.

A Metaphor To Consider

Imagine that as a little kid you have an artist’s palette to paint your life with, but you only have 3 colors. Primary colors of red, yellow and blue. As you grow up, you expand your possibilities by mixing those colors in various ways. By middle age, you’ve got countless hues to choose from.

OK – now when a negative event happens when you’re a child, let’s say it alters that pot of red paint. It’s a little muddy now — not so clear and strong. Now think of all the adult hues that have some red in them. Each one of those will be affected by that — so the scarlet will be a little bit off. So will the purple. The oranges aren’t so bright. Pinks are muted.

Along comes tapping. When you go back and clean up that childhood event and un-muddy that red paint, amazing things happen. All those other adult colors are now clear and strong. You can’t predict all the ways that you’re affected by an early event. Likewise, you can’t imagine all the wonderful ways clearing it can affect your life today.

A Gift To Yourself

Do yourself a huge favor, and clear those early challenges first. The benefits are enormous. If you feel yourself resisting, ask yourself why. Maybe that little kid doesn’t want to have those big feelings all alone. And you don’t have to. Trying to tap on your own for BHI’s (Big Hairy Issues) can be very painful, difficult and can turn into a long drawn-out process.

Let’s clear up that old childhood stuff together, keeping it gentle, fast and long-lasting. I’d love to work with you on those deep-down issues that keep interfering with your life today. CONTACT ME for a free 15-minute consult to discuss the possibilities for you.


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