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A reader asked the other day if EFT can be used for gluten intolerance that celiacs experience. That inspired me to pass on this great tapping technique to deal with any kind of sensitivity to substances — including hay fever. There’s really no need to resign yourself to a lifetime of bad reactions.

EFT is the perfect tool to eliminate sensitivities and allergies. This includes reactions to foods, pets, plants, fumes — any substance that your body reacts to in a negative way. No matter what the trouble-causing substance, the approach is pretty much the same.

Where To Begin

First, ask yourself when the allergy or sensitivity first appeared. Then ask if anything traumatic occurred in your life around that time — or within the few months beforehand.

If not, ask yourself if you experienced any trauma directly connected to the substance you’re sensitive to (cat scratch, choked on milk, etc.). Then use EFT to clear that trauma — either on your own, or with a practitioner. Eliminating the effects of that related event often results in the end of the allergy.

If There’s No Remembered Trauma

If nothing occurs to you in answer to those two trauma questions, try the following:

  1. Place the substance or food in a container of glass, metal or pottery (not plastic or paper). For airborne allergies, place a bowl of water outside for a few hours, or wave a damp towel around in the air to collect particles. Then pour the water into a jar or put the towel in a bowl. For dust, pet hair, carpet, etc., gather a little and put it in a jar with a lid on it (or have somebody else do that for you).
  2. Then hold the container in your lap (for tapping with both hands) or simply touch the container with one hand while tapping with the other. Please note: When tapping, you can refer to “the substances in this jar”, or the “stuff on this towel” – You don’t have to know what it is causing the problem to be able to clear it.

Start Using EFT

  • Do your setup 3 times: “Even though I have this allergy/sensitivity to this ______ (substance), I love and accept myself anyway.”
  • Tap Round 1: “This sensitivity to ________ (substance).” (A round is a complete cycle of all the tapping points.)
  • Round 2: “I ask my body to release this sensitivity now.”
  • Round 3: “I ask my body to easily accept this _______ (substance) as safe and healthy.”
  • Round 4: Alternate the positive and negative. “This sensitivity…,” “I ask my body to…”
  • Round 5: “I now have a completely healthy relationship with this _______ (substance).”
  • Great option: Tap a few more rounds of gratitude for this healing, etc.

Persistence Pays

You may need to repeat this process every day for a week to totally clear the sensitivity. If you’re still concerned about a possible food sensitivity, you can always tap on it before you eat it, too. Just put one hand on the plate, and tap with the other hand. Use the phrases suggested above.

True Stories

I’ve used this process myself with great results. I experienced sinus problems from outgassing from something in my home – new carpet, padding, and/or linoleum. I didn’t know which was causing it, so I sat on the floor where all three came together. I held one hand on that spot while I tapped with the other. After one session, all sensitivity was gone for good. My sinuses cleared right up. Great!

While visiting New York City, I experienced a mystery rash which spread a little each day. After about 5 days, I decided to try this. I set a bowl of water outside for two hours to gather airborne particles (pollen, smog, etc.). Next, I gathered dust from a storage area I’d been working in and added that to the water.

I poured the water into a jar, held the jar on my lap, and followed the above sequence — twice a day for two days and the rash disappeared! I’ll never know exactly what the cause was, but that’s OK with me.

If this is a bigger issue than you want to tackle on your own, contact me for a free consult to discuss possibilities for going deeper with EFT. Let’s shift this challenge to get you where you want to be!


  • Guest

    I am going to try this. I don’t know what my allergy is from, or if it is an allergy. My nose runs like a faucet out of the blue several times during the day. Doesn’t matter if I’m in my home, someone else’s, my car, outside, eating, drinking, it just happens all the time. I guess I could use a bowl of water and place it several different places inside and outside my home and use the phrase “these substances”. I will let you know how it goes 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Good luck! Here’s an extra tip for you: Be sure to tap away your frustration about it first. That will really increase your chances of successful releasing whatever that sensitivity is. Would love to hear how it goes!

  • Jdellfreeman

         Do you have a series of videos or can we contact you to tap along on special problems.  How can we contact you personally and privately.

  • Yasmine

    Hey Janet! Thank you SO much for this. I’ve spent so much money on alternative allergy treatments that only work on one allergy at a time (and at $100 per treatment…that’s expensive). I tried this in combination with muscle testing (asking my body if the allergen had cleared or not) and it’s working wonders. I had a quick question about what to do after the treatment though. Should you stay away from the substance for 48 hours to allow your body to integrate the new knowledge? Should you make sure to eat/be exposed to the substance again within the week to remind your body it’s safe? What are your thoughts? Thanks again, I appreciate your EFT training so much 🙂 – Yasmine

  • Hey Yasmine – So glad to hear this is helpful to you. For you, I would suggest you use muscle testing to get the answers to the questions you have asked me, and follow your own system’s instructions.

    Another option is to tap on concerns or fears that the unwanted reaction will return, fear that the substance is not safe in your body, concerns about what will happen the next time you’re exposed to the substance or food. Do you see what I mean? In this way, you’re releasing any remaining energetic ties to the old sensitivity.

    Good luck! And thanks for letting us all know about your tapping success with these tools!

  • Lisa

    Thank u for your website. Can eft be used with mold allergy/ exposure? Or cat allergy? I have something in my home what cause me allergic reaction, sinusitis. Maybe new carpet or cats.

  • JanetHilts

    Hi Lisa – Yes, EFT can be used for cat allergy and for carpet problems. Gather a little cat hair (or have a friend do it), put it in a jar, and follow the steps in this article. I cleared my own new carpet reaction by sitting on the floor with one hand on the carpet and the other hand tapping and it worked! Hint: sometimes the reaction is from the carpet pad underneath the carpet. If you can pull back a corner of the carpet to expose the pad, lay your hand on the pad and do the tapping. If you have a scrap of the carpet and/or pad, put it on a glass, metal or pottery plate (not plastic), put the plate on your lap with one hand on the plate’s edge, and do your tapping. Here’s to your good health and clear sinuses!

  • Janet

    How can EFT be utilized for mold allergy? I am sensitive to almost all molds which I checked at an allergy clinic. Very expensive and “wipes” you out from the testing.

  • Potatoes used to give me eczema rashes. Not anymore because of this!! It’s fantastic! Thank you so much 🙂

  • JanetHilts

    That’s great to hear, Louise. Thanks for letting us know that it worked one more time. Don’t you just love this?!?

  • Linda

    Hi Janet
    I suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity and have a question if EFT can be used for that? I am very sensitive to the radiation from the mobile towers. I have read somewhere that one should look at a picture of for example a mobile phone or a mobile tower while doing the EFT tapping. That did not work for me. Is there any other techniques to try?

  • JanetHilts

    Hi Linda – Sometimes there are deeper issues that need to be addressed relating to allergies before they completely clear.

    A good place to start is with searching for emotionally intense events around the time the allergy started. Use EFT to clear the old emotions surrounding that event.

    Another aspect to check on is hidden benefits from experiencing the allergy — more loving attention, having a valid reason to avoid something you don’t like, etc. (This one can be tricky!) Consider a different way to experience the benefit, and use EFT to help shift to a new path for getting what you want.

    Then come back to tapping on the allergy itself. Good luck, Linda!

  • JanetHilts

    Hi Yasmine – I’m so glad this works for you! Regarding your questions, it’s not necessary to avoid the substance, or to remind your body that it’s safe, although if that feels good, do it!
    If you want, you can add an affirmative tapping phrase like, “I ask my body to integrate this new knowledge. I ask my system to remember that this substance is safe. Thank you, body, for accepting and remembering.”

  • Edwin Paree

    Hi Janet,

    I don’t understand round 4. Can you give a complete example, please?
    Kind regards, Edwin from the Netherlands

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