How To Cruise (Tap) Through The Holidays With EFT

HolidaysWhat if celebrating winter holidays were as much fun as partying on the 4th of July?! Wouldn’t that be great?

I know. Sometimes it’s not that easy. There’s shopping, decorating, parties, family, cooking, crowds, not enough time …

But that’s all so tappable! Here’s a holidays tap-along for you to get you back in the spirit. So sit back and tap along!

To go deeper with your tapping for total freedom from the things that eat away at holiday joy, grab a copy of your Holiday Relief Tapping Kit. We cover ten (10) different challenges in depth to give you the peace you want. It’s not just for cards and songs — joy and peace are really waiting for you. There just a tap away.

Let us know how it goes for you in the comments below. And have some wonderful holidays!

P.S. The loop of hair on the top of my head makes me look like an ornament, ready to hang on the tree!
P.P.S. If it’s more about facing Grumpy Grandma or Wicked Uncle Ernie, check out How To Deal With Difficult People.

  • Marna

    Wonderful Janet ! Timing is perfect.

  • JanetHilts

    Love hearing it’s helpful, Marna. Happy Holidays!

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