EFT to Open Creative Flow

creative-flowFeeling blocked with your creative process can be so frustrating and disheartening. Here are some ways to help open up the flow again.

You Can Try EFT Basics

You can use the usual formula for tapping by saying, “Even though I have these creative blocks, I want to love and accept myself.” And say that 3 times.

Then tap on one round of “creative blocks.” Then give them a voice, just saying out loud all the thoughts you have about it. And tap your emotional intensity level down to zero. And if that works for you, great!

But maybe it’s not quite that simple for you. Maybe you need  new approach to the whole topic.

A New Perspective

Consider a new way of looking at your creative process. You can let creativity come the way it wants to instead of boxing it in and controlling it. Give it room to breathe – maybe show up in sort spurts if that’s how it wants to do it. Let it have the perfect way to come through.

Make room for it to change. Quit trying to go back to what worked last time or what works for somebody else. Let it have its own creative expression.

Treat it like a precious child – it really is your baby, isn’t it? – with sweet encouragement and grace and openness of heart and let it take whatever form it wants to take.

Know that your creative process is working quietly in the background. Acknowledge it and thank it for that. Don’t try to bring it out into the light before it’s ready. If it’s not baked yet, leave it in the oven. Thank it for continuing to cook in the oven of your mind and spirit.

How To Tap On This

Setup (karate chop point)

  • Even though I have these creative blocks, I want to love and accept myself.
  • Even though my creativity is blocked, I want to respect and appreciate myself anyway.
  • Even though I have these creative blocks again, the same way I’ve had in the past, I want to accept myself and all my feelings.

Tapping – The Challenge (tap around all the points)

  • All these creative blocks.
  • These blocks I can’t do anything about.
  • All the anxiety and frustration these blocks bring.
  • Blaming myself about these blocks.
  • These painful creative blocks.
  • I can’t come up with anything fresh.
  • I feel totally blocked.
  • How can I call myself creative?
  • I’m afraid this will last forever.
  • I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
  • Who was I kidding any way?
  • I don’t think I’ll ever feel creative again.
  • I just get so darned frustrated.
  • It sucks all the joy out of what I love to do.
  • These familiar creative blocks. I am so sick of them.

OK. Now you’ve moved out some of the negative thoughts and feelings, and of course if there’s more left, continue tapping on it.

When you’re ready, move on to tapping some more affirmative phrases. Here are some to get you started.

Tapping Towards the Positive (tap around all the points)

  • I’m open to new ways of experiencing creativity.
  • I’m allowing myself to relax into it now.
  • I’m confident that the creativity cake is baking now.
  • I don’t have to hurry anything.
  • I choose to let go of any worry about it.
  • It feels so good to encourage my own unique process.
  • I love that it’s changing all the time.
  • That’s a part of how creative I am.
  • The more I trust myself, the more creativity is available to me.
  • I appreciate the way my creativity shows up.
  • Sometimes in big waves, and sometimes in little trickles.
  • The more I relax with it, the easier it all becomes.
  • I’m excited to see my next inspiration.
  • And I know I can trust that it’s on its way.

Doesn’t that feel better? You’re off to a good start now.
To clear old issues that make these blocks keep popping up, CONTACT ME for a free consult about possibilities for going deeper to shift this challenge. Let’s get your creativity flowing!


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