Your Special Gift – Open Your Creative Flow

We’re so glad you could join us on the Create.Make Money.Be Happy. Telesummit. The world is waiting to enjoy all the creative gifts you have to offer!

Use this Breakthrough EFT Tapping program to open your creative flow and maximize your art.

Here’s What You Get In Your Tapping Audio Program:

  • 1 resistance-clearing tapping sequence
  • 10 energy-shifting tapping sequences
  • 1 sequence of empowering affirmations
  • Bonus: EFT Starter Kit for basic tapping instructions
  • , including a downloadable EFT Starter Kit Manual and a complete video series to get you tapping on your own.

We’ll use Breakthrough EFT Tapping to address the blocks that can slow down your creative flow. And we’ll finish it up with tapping in positive beliefs and feelings to anchor your new open flow setpoint for creativity.

How Can You Use This Program?

We all need creativity in different forms at different times. This is for you if you want to:

  • Generate ideas to begin a project
  • Fire up fading creativity for ongoing, repeating activities — like teaching, writing blog posts, speaking to vendors, etc.
  • Revive drooping creativity when you hit a snag in producing your art
  • Produce creativity for business activities to market your art

Ready To Get More Creative?

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