Self Kindness Special EFT Coaching Package

This special series of EFT coaching sessions is designed to help you become your own best supporter, and give you tools to make self kindness a practice. We’ll start from exactly where you are, and move you forward to a gentler, more effective way of relating to yourself. And we’ll use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to clear obstacles we encounter in the process.

Your Package

Your package includes three (3) 90-minute personal EFT coaching sessions by phone or Skype.

  • First we’ll clear the old beliefs that can stand in the way of your being kind to yourself.
  • Next, we’ll dissolve unwanted feelings towards people or institutions that influenced you to be hard on yourself, while maintaining a strong heart connection with them (tricky to do when tapping on your own).
  • And we’ll dive into any particular area of your life where self-blame shows up as a challenge.

You’ll also receive digital recordings of each session at no charge.

Let’s Get Started

It’s a simple two-step process:

  1. Simply click on the Buy Now button below. You can use your PayPal account. Or you can use your credit card by scrolling down and clicking on “Don’t Have a PayPal Account?”. Just follow the prompts.

    You’ll receive a receipt by email right away and I’ll be immediately notified of your payment.

    Your Special Investment: $297 (normally $375)


  3. Call 805-835-5566 or email us at to set your appointment time. Once we’ve scheduled your sessions, you’ll receive an information packet by email. This includes a brief form for you to complete. You’ll also get a full explanation of how our sessions will go.


I look forward to creating this radical change with you. It’s such a life-changer!