Breakthrough EFT Coaching Sessions With Janet

What Is Breakthrough EFT Coaching?

The short version: Breakthrough EFT Coaching is a powerful form of personal performance coaching with EFT* tapping that helps create rapid change so you can do what you really want to do. It’s laser-focused inner work that can quickly get you in motion.

You’ll discover the hidden  barriers that hold you back. Then using EFT tapping*, you’ll quickly dissolve those blocks so you’re free to reach your goal — whether it’s a business goal, a creative goal, or a wellness goal. When you’re ready to move forward, call me at 805-835-5566 for a no-charge consultation to talk about your challenge, and to see if Breakthrough EFT Coaching is a good fit for you.

The longer version: Breakthrough EFT Coaching is a step-by-step approach to create action behind your vision so you can really get moving. You’ll follow my proven Mindset Makeover process inside the framework of our sessions, customized to your situation and your individual needs. Briefly, here are the steps:

  1. We’ll identify where you want to go and what your goal is.
  2. We’ll determine where you are today and how you got here (the history of your challenge).
  3. We’ll identify obstacles in your path (what’s got you stuck) and then use EFT* tapping to dissolve them.
  4. We’ll uncover your shortest route to reaching your goal, again using EFT* tapping.
  5. You’ll learn to use EFT tapping* on your own to help with course corrections, and to clear any bumps along the way.

One-on-One Personal Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Ongoing coaching is ideal for maximizing results in creating the life you know you want. Your commitment to yourself is rewarded.

Each month includes four (4) ninety-minute sessions.

6 months: $2400
3 months: $1300
1 month: $500

Single sessions are also available for $150

All my private sessions are conducted by phone or Skype (audio only), as I work with clients around the world.

To get started with Breakthrough Coaching, please click here.



If you’re not sure which choice is best for you, contact me to discuss your options for working with your challenge in the best way to get the results you want.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a rapid-change tool we’ll use to permanently eliminate interference from unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs. It is a simple, fast and effective technique — a kind of psychological acupressure. You tap with your fingertips on specific points on your face and upper body while we tune into your issue with specific language. For more information about EFT, see What Is EFT?.

In My Clients’ Words

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