Tapping Resistance

The term anger covers a whole spectrum of feelings. Does one of these words fit better for you? frustrated, annoyed, irritated, bugged, impatient, aggravated, upset, resentful, mad, outraged, pissed off, blaming somebody else or yourself, (your favorite term here). Choose your word and apply it wherever you read the word “anger” here. To shift that […]

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Did you know the more specific you are with your resolutions and intentions, the more clear your challenges become? When you get clear about what you want to do, your resistance gets crystal clear. Your fears show up in detail. Specific old beliefs that block the way show up loud and clear.   Don’t Let […]


Your connection to people you care about can interfere with releasing your challenge. But only when you’re not aware of it. When someone important to you shares your issue or the experience it came from, your subconscious sends up a red alert. It says, “I don’t want to let go this issue. I’m afraid it […]


“I don’t know where to begin tapping on this issue.” Have you ever said this to yourself? You want to tap on your own, but you don’t even know where to start. Here’s what’s going on: There’s some part of you that’s afraid to begin. Most inner blocks boil down to some form of fear […]


This challenge showed up with a client yesterday, so I dusted off a topic from last year to remind us all about how tricky it can be to do EFT about the people we’re closest to. Resentment and hurt and love are often tangled up together. So when you tap on an issue with these […]