Energy Healing

Are you moving towards joy, or just moving away from pain? It’s easy to forget how different these two things feel. Especially when you’re tapping. Moving Away From Pain For most of us, the reason we’re tapping is to eliminate a difficult feeling or unwanted belief. And that usually IS moving away from pain. That’s […]


Let Go of the Pain and Hold Onto the Love Here are some tips on releasing grief more quickly by moving past hidden resistance factors. Listen and tap along to let go of the heaviness while maintaining your strong connection to the person. And if you get in over your head, or just want an […]


Physical pain is so life-altering — especially when it doesn’t let up. And it’s a real energy drain. But you don’t need me to tell you that. EFT is such a great tool for relieving pain. If it hasn’t been working for you, maybe you’re missing some aspect of it. Here are some ways to […]


A reader asked the other day if EFT can be used for gluten intolerance that celiacs experience. That inspired me to pass on this great tapping technique to deal with any kind of sensitivity to substances — including hay fever. There’s really no need to resign yourself to a lifetime of bad reactions. EFT is […]


When you have a physical challenge going on, chances are good there is some emotion connected to it. Conversely, sometimes if you’re tapping on an emotional issue, you’ll feel pain or tension somewhere in your body. So How Do I Tap? EFT is very flexible. You can focus on either the emotion or the unwanted […]