I help women flip old patterns

to move forward and open up

brand new possibilities.



What keeps smart women from making changes they know will be good for them?

Hidden anchors to their old beliefs and old feelings that make change hard, no matter what they realize intellectually.

What makes strong women hesitate to take risks?

Not feeling safe, fear of damaging relationships, and being comfortable with what’s familiar (even when it doesn’t feel good).

What prevents dynamic women from creating fulfilling lives for themselves?

Being torn between what they know in their heads and how they feel when they try to make their plans work.

All of the above lead to frustration and disappointment when you go for your dreams and goals.

If what you desire is to make fresh choices without old feelings and experiences getting in your way, you are in the right place.

Once your history stops driving your decisions, you’re open to create new patterns to live by. With freedom from old beliefs and old emotions, your possibilities bust wide open. Finally aligning a clear head with an untroubled heart brings the inner peace women dream of!

“The transformation Janet helped me experience is nothing short of phenomenal.”

“I was running my business from home and not really leaving the house. Because I wasn’t pleased with my weight, I refrained from going out to meet other people — and in essence, from expanding my business. Fast forward 90 days, and the transformation Janet helped me experience is phenomenal! I am now very active in several networking groups in my community. And I have created approximately $14000 from local business in these 90 days. I know that had I not worked with Janet, I probably would have still been hiding out at home. I’ve realized through this work that my success is not dependent on how much I weigh or what I look like. What this work with Janet has done, adopting a new way of feeling and looking at myself, that really and truly is priceless.“ –Brenda Rivas, Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m Janet Hilts, and since 2009 I have worked with over 600 women across 14 countries and 6 continents.

After helping people with physical and emotional health for over 20 years, I found the remarkable tool of EFT. It creates change so quickly and painlessly that it still astonishes me.

My training, experience, skill and intuition help us to zero in on the best way to use EFT with your particular concern. And we move forward from there to clear the blocks that have been getting in your way.

“An amazing, rich, rewarding journey that allows all of the scary, painful, shameful feelings to emerge, roll into the tapping session, then out.”

Through Janet, I have experienced EFT as an amazing, rich, rewarding journey that allows all of the scary, painful, shameful feelings to emerge, roll into the tapping session, then out, without leaving me mired in what I call “session-muck” past the end of our phone call–all thanks to Janet’s skillful direction. Wow! Better yet, I experience the beneficial results from our work together. I’d highly recommend Janet to anyone seeking to enrich their lives by busting self-defeating behaviors and negative belief systems.” – Jamie Hill, Artist, Photographer & Filmmaker

Here are some concerns we can work on together:

  • reaching goals
  • stress / anxiety
  • guilt, regret
  • grief
  • relationships
  • childhood issues
  • wellness
  • trauma relief – recent or past
  • weight / food concerns
  • creative blocks
  • speaking fears / stage fright
  • aging concerns

If you don’t see your challenge listed here, please ask about it.

“I scheduled my first workshop without any hesitation or apprehension.”

“Before working with Janet I had a fear of presenting alone in front of a live audience. From the work we did together, I received relief from my fear. The change was profound. In fact within weeks of that session, I scheduled my first workshop without any hesitation or apprehension. I was amazed as to how easy it was for me to say “yes” to this opportunity to present. The investment of my time with Janet has already been profitable. She is supportive and motivating. It was very comfortable to work with her and I would do so again without hesitation.” – Loren Fogelman, Sports Performance Coach


Ready to break through what’s holding you back?


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